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Meco 9359W Deluxe Electric Cart BBQ Grill Rotisserie

29 Aug Posted by in grill | 11 comments

meco 9359w deluxe electric cart bbq grill deal

Earlier we went over how charcoal grills are becoming popular, like the Weber Performer Charcoal grill.  But there are still quality electric grills, and there are ways to give it a charcoal feel to the grilling process.

One of the best electric grills I’ve had the pleasure to use is the Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill with Rotisserie.  Amazon has it for almost 50% off, as Meco 9359 deluxe grills are normally $294 but are $182 now with FREE SHIPPING for the summer.

The first aspect of this grill that really stuck out was the lack of fire hazard and being very environment friendly.  There is basically no smoke that comes out during the grilling process and because of the low fire risk, most apartments allow use of this Meco grill year round.

The Meco 9325 grill may not cook with the flavor charcoal naturally, but adding something like hickory chips to smoke the food will give it that great taste.  The cooking of meat is perfect, just start up the grill for 10-15 minutes to preheat.  It is probably quicker to get going than a propane or charcoal grill, and you don’t need to waste gas or worry about having enough gas in the grill like a propane.

The amazon Meco 9325W grill deal is probably the best deal on a Meco at just $182, though you may be interested in the Meco 4100 Model 4106 Square Utility Charcoal Grill, which is just $62.

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  • greg says:

    Yea I think these Meco grills will dominate the future with their eye towards limiting pollution and being able to be used in Apartments in major cities.

  • Ella says:

    Got my Meco Grill with free shipping! Just came in today…Thanks KPD and Amazon! Food tastes great and I saved a bunch of $.

  • greg says:

    I have noticed that using briquettes at the bottom helps build up a barbeque grill-like taste that many say is missing from electric grills. It might not taste that way the first few times but leave those briquettes in there and eventually you will get that grill taste! perfect…

  • Philip says:

    I love the Meco grills. I remove the grates when hot with vise grips and then put soaked wood chips on the element. It creates terrific smoke flavor. It does burn out the element once or twice a year but it still comes out costing less than charcoal and is better for you and more convenient!

  • derekpm says:

    Thanks for the interesting article, it has made me re-consider grills. I had my eye on a cheap one nearby but this Meco with free shipping probably is a better value…

  • Bill Hinds says:

    I bought a used meco elec grill/rotess but did not get the manual so if some one can help I sure would aprec thanks Bill

  • JTNK says:

    “A wonderful article you posted. That is so informatory and creative. Please keep these excellent posts coming. You helped me so much. Thanks for sharing!”

  • Electrical Grill says:

    Great article and useful tips. Recommended for anyone wholove grilling like me Thanks!

  • Cheap BBQ Grill says:

    “A wonderful article you posted. That is so informatory and creative. Please keep these excellent posts coming. You helped me so much. Thanks for sharing!”

  • Lawrence says:

    I purchased this grill and it was very good for the first 15 months. The grill rotates to be a rotisserie as well. I rotated the grill to the rotisserie and the grill shorted out and is now a door stop. The grill is only warranted for 12 months so if you want a grill for longer, look for a different manufacturer. I would not recommend MECO as a company.

  • Les Stecker says:

    This thing is definitely decent overall. Maybe not the best ‘griller’ per se but it’s nice to have when you’re living at an apartment and cooks thoroughly and efficiently.

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