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March, 2008 Posts published in March, 2008

28 Mar Posted by in vacuum | Comments

Dyson DC18 Slim Deals Review

Amazon is still selling the Dyson DC 18 all floors Slim for $458 but the price has lowered for the DC18 slim on ebay. You’ll see a lot of ebay auctions end around 300$ for a new Dyson DC18 slim! It is an absolute steal, so sign up to join eBay auctions and see for […]


26 Mar Posted by in blender | 1 comment

KitchenAid KSB560 KPCB348PNP Chefs Blender

Heavy blender users that are looking for a more reasonably priced blending machine will be pleased with KitchenAid KSB560 5 speed Blender, as it comes with a protective Polycarbonate Jar which is easy to clean.  Normally well over 100$, this model is 77$ with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon for a limited time!! This deal ends […]


24 Mar Posted by in stand mixer | 1 comment

Buy KitchenAid KSM150PSWH KSM50HD Mixer

KitchenAid Heavy Duty Stand Mixer (KSM50HDBK) and 5-Quart KitchenAid Classic KSM150PS are only going to be on sale for a little while longer!  For use of the 30$ off Amazon coupon (plus FREE SHIPPING) then use this KitchenAid stand mixer rebate coupon. As an owner of the KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer KSM150PSWH, the real value […]


23 Mar Posted by in purifier | 4 comments

RabbitAir BioGS 421A Air Purifier Sale

Last spring, my lady was considering air purifiers as her allergies in our older house tend to spark up around then. Having a bunch of cats complicates these matters further. But a few purifiers really stood out, the first being the Rabbit Air BioGS Purifiers. For one, at 329$ (Price as of Winter 2010) and […]


19 Mar Posted by in vacuum | Comments

Dyson DC14 vs DC15 Animal Review

When considering a purchase of a Dyson Animal Vacuum it’s important to figure out which features you value most.  Are you looking for a lighter vacuum?  More maneuverability?  Power?  In general, Dyson’s are versatile enough to handle any task but there are some notable differences as well. Before the Dyson DC18 Slim was released, the […]


15 Mar Posted by in cutlery | Comments

Discount Cuisinart Knife Set

When looking for true quality in knives you look for German knives, like Henckels, Wusthof, etc. Their steel is unmatched. For the best of the best you’ll pay several hundred for a set, though lately these manufacturers have been working on more reasonable sets for the mainstream. You can buy Henckels Everedge 13 piece knife […]


12 Mar Posted by in toaster | Comments

KitchenAid Cuisinart CPT120 Toaster

My brother eats so much toast it’s crazy. Naturally, I got him a new toaster for Christmas. This was necessary because he likes to toast artisan, bagels, english muffins and other types of thick bread, and a lot of smaller / cheaper toasters would break down or not be able to toast the bread. The […]


11 Mar Posted by in grill | Comments

Buy Cuisinart GR Griddler

The Cuisinart GR Griddlers may not have the big name of boxer George Foreman but the griddle quality of Cuisinart is unmatched by Foreman’s Grilleration operation. If you want perfect Panini, Cuisinart’s deluxe GR-4 Griddler is the choice far and away. If you prefer eBay there are plenty of Cuisinart GR-4 Griddlers and if you’re […]


05 Mar Posted by in vacuum | Comments

Dyson DC07 DC15 DC17 DC18

The Dyson DC18 Upright Slim has been selling really well and likewise garnering solid, 4.5+ rated reviews. It doesn’t take much thought to realize why; the simple combination of the classic Dyson suction power and the lightweight / slim features for an agile vacuuming experience. It’s no fun lugging around a heavy vacuum, and you’ll […]