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Ginsu JA Henckels International Knife Sets

28 Apr Posted by in cutlery | 1 comment

buy ginsu international knife sets

Before buying any knife set, like any other household item, consider what you are going to use it for. Are there any types you need more than others? Most people don’t even know what all of the knives in a 10+ knife set do. Thus it is generally better to get a fewer amount of knives in a set but of higher quality.

One of the most used knife sets is the J.A. Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set. This set is generally 115$+, but is 39$ at Amazon, which is why they are becoming so popular. For each person, each hand, it is going to be different holding a knife. But in general users rave about the balance and ease of use with these knives. They are sharp and serrated so you need to cut in a saw type motion.

JA Henckels just released the International Forged Synergy 16 Piece Knife Set which is even higher quality of stainless steel. Normally listed at 434$ they are 169$ on Amazon. It is easier to cut with these but they are so sharp you need to be careful when washing them, and you might as well wash it immediately after using it because dishwashers are not good for these high quality knives. The thing is, if a knife does not rust, this means it is not that powerful of a knife. That’s why with the high quality extremely sharp knives they rust, because they are not protected by chromium (which makes it rubbery and impossible to sharpen). It is a small price to pay for using a top end knife set.

Ginsu International Traditions 14Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set has been garnering several 5 star reviews at Amazon. Their normal price is 49$ and you usually only see them for a bit less than that, around 43$ on Amazon for a Ginsu Knife set. Again though like the last set, these are staggeringly sharp and high quality steel made by the Japanese, so they are in danger of rusting if you dishwash them. The mass amount of steak knives makes it a must have. Like the JA Henckels International ones on sale for 39$, this set is comparable as one of the best knife sets for the money.

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