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Sale on Sanyo SR-2570M 2.5 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

150$ off this Sanyo SR-2570M 2.5 Cubic Foot Refrigerator (Platinum + Black)! This fridge can hold quite a bit, as it will put most mini-fridges to shame. The sheer size caters to large bottles that need to stand up.

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One comment

  • Scimmo says:

    I’ve owned the Sanyo SR-2570M for a few years now. In performance it is nearly perfect for the money paid. Huge refrigerator that has never left me seeking space, and keeps everything the perfect temperature (not like smaller, weaker mini-fridges). Maybe the biggest hassle is getting everything out of it once a year to do a manual-defrost. The noise can take some getting used to but I usually have the computer on and dehumidifier so that’s really not an issue. I’d say 5 stars out of 5 especially if it is in sale for around 50% off, even my deal was not that great..

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