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Remanufactured Roomba iRobot Scooba Robotic Hard Surface Cleaner

09 Oct Posted by in vacuum | Comments

Most people tend to procrastinate on mopping a hard surface kitchen, living room, etc. The Roomba iRobot Scooba Hard Surface Cleaner revolutionized the niche by providing a chargeable device that would that would persist in cleaning all spots of the floor on it’s own that it can physically reach. Also it helps that Amazon has the iRobot for 149$ when it is normally 400$, and FREE SHIPPING as well.

The fascinating thing about seeing the Roomba iRobot do it’s work is that it will consistently work over the dirtiest areas until it can sense that they are clean. You won’t need your mop, though there are spots on the corners or sides that the iRobot will not be able to clean so you’ll need to do a bit of work. Considering the bulk of the floor is done by the iRobot, you should be okay!

After you set up the pump primer with the given instructions, you can use either vinegar or iRobot 5950 Clorox Scooba Cleaning Solution which comes as a deal with the remanufactured iRobot, if you so desire.

Read the battery instructions carefully, because you want to take good care of it for these rechargeable batteries are expensive. You will want to charge it almost 4 hours upon use, and if the iRobot is not used regularly you may need to charge it immediately before you use it so it is warmed up enough to complete the cycle.

Again, one of the best deals around is the Remanufactured Roomba iRobot Scooba Hard Surface Cleaner at Amazon for 149$ instead of the normal 400$ price tag. That’s 63% off plus FREE SHIPPING. eBay has some used Robotic Roomba iRobot Scoobas even cheaper but factor in shipping costs as well. eBay signup is free so check out the auctions for iRobot deals.

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