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RED Samsung LN22A650 22 Inch 720 LCD HDTV 100 off sales

18 Oct Posted by in HDTV | 1 comment

For our bedroom we were looking for a quality HDTV but did not want to make the space or $ sacrifice for a living room size HDTV (50+ inch or so). Found a few good deals but went with a 550$ Samsung LN22A650 LCD HDTV with red exterior, but it was on sale at Amazon for almost 20% off at 450$.

The biggest plus was the versatility with this unit. Along with the 720P HD Resolution it has plenty of outlets for audio, video, HDMI Input, Component, and especially PC Input. I have actually been using this as my computer monitor in addition to watching satellite and gaming with it. The touch of color adds style but does not go overboard. The fixed stand makes adjusting it difficult but you can find a good stable spot for it, or you can mount it somewhere.

A couple things. It took only a matter of days to ship with standard shipping, and has actually allowed me to pick up a few extra digital cable channels I did not have access to before. The best part though is that we bought it when the price dropped even further to 350$ and Amazon will honor the price change for you as it drops past it’s current price. The sound is a bit quiet but good quality and you can always have an extra speaker system hooked up as well. For a 22 inch HD Samsung quality TV, it is hard to beat a price under 500$.

eBay has the same Samsung LN22A650 22 inch LCD HDTV’s for around 400-500$ and even some other Samsung 22 inch monitors for 200$ or so (of course you have to factor in shipping). Free eBay signup here. Amazon has FREE SHIPPING at 450$ for the Samsung 22 inch 720P HDTV.

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