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Black & Decker Electric Chain Saw Alligator Lopper

20 Aug Posted by in outdoor, power tool | 1 comment

Alligator Lopper Chainsaw 4.5 amp by Black and Decker

It always seemed like I could get more out of my Gas / Electric chain saws. Our Alligator Lopper though is such a trusty and handy tool that has taken over most of our yard jobs. If you are hacking down a thick tree a more traditional chain saw would be your best bet but you would be surprised at the power of the Black & Decker Alligator Lopper 4.5 Electric Chain Saw. Larger trees still are no problem and it cuts through a thick oak branch like butter.

Initially we had it ordered to try it out once it went under 100$ (normally it is 180$ but Amazon has it for 95$ and free shipping, basically 50% off). First impression upon wielding the Alligator Lopper was how light it was and that it is much more safe with the enclosed blades. My grandparents could use this chain saw! We have had a few chain saws dull their blades from hitting the ground or a rock when cutting trees close to the ground. This is definitely no worry with the Alligator Chain Saw because of how it is constructed, so you do not need to prop a tree up to cut it.

When ordering the Alligator Lopper it was clear right away it would be much easier to use than a traditional chain saw. It can just latch onto branches with it’s grasp, reach, and light weight. Much easier on the back after a day of yard working. There are no weather limitations since it is electric and you do not have to worry about gas. Also it is easy to just add oil while you are working; they suggest every 10 minutes but you can do a lot of trimming in 10 minutes.

Recently there have been 60-90$ Black and Decker Alligator Lopper Chain Saws spotted on eBay auctions. Shipping still needs to be considered into your price as amazon has the Black & Decker Alligator Lopper Chainsaw for 95$ and free shipping.

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