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Tilia Foodsaver V2840 vs. v2860 vs v2440

07 Nov Posted by in food storage | 3 comments

buy tilia foodsaver v2840 on sale

Buy Tilia Foodsaver Bags in bulk and save a bunch! Click the links below for Foodsaver’s 2011 Black Friday prices.

The FoodSaver V2240 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer is a good value sealer, at just $99 with free shipping – normally $119. A little smaller than the others but the same quality that we’ve grown to expect from FoodSaver.

Tilia Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers are becoming a must have among mainstream consumers as their price lowers and people continue to learn about their reputation. If you hunt, you simply have to own one of these. Preservation of meats, vegetables, desserts, and pretty much anything has never been more efficient. More importantly, in the long run you save an immeasurable amount of time and money buying cooking / baking products in bulk and sealing / freezing the extra portions.

The most common newer Foodsaver is the Foodsaver V2840 Advanced Vacuum Seal. This one has more power than the earlier models and extremely simple to use. Put a bag in the Vacuum Seal, pull it through to the cutter, have it vacuum whatever length you wish and then you cut the bag off. Pack whatever is being sealed and then touch one button to seal it. The Foodsaver then stops when all the air is completed sealed out. Because it works with such ease the Foodsaver V2840 Vacuum Sealer will prove it’s durability. The options to deal with moist products removes a lot of hassle in previous machines and the flip-up foodsaver design makes it easier to store in your kitchen.

The Tilia FoodSaver V2860 has a few added features and adding Foodsaver accessories like Cannisters / Canning Jars. It is more sleek, varies with speeds, and also has the flip up design. While you can really use these things for anything, the true value of these Foodsavers is meat preservation – you just will not believe the quality of sealed-up meat months past when you froze it. Just as fresh and tasty as the first day.

You can find the best deals on eBay (click the links above) but Amazon has some nice sales of their own, as you can buy FoodSaver V2840 for 70$ off.

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