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RabbitAir BioGS 421A Air Purifier Sale

23 Mar Posted by in purifier | 4 comments

Last spring, my lady was considering air purifiers as her allergies in our older house tend to spark up around then. Having a bunch of cats complicates these matters further. But a few purifiers really stood out, the first being the Rabbit Air BioGS Purifiers. For one, at 329$ (Price as of Winter 2010) and free shipping through Amazon, it was much cheaper than any of the decent competitors (like BlueAir). Plus, Rabbit Air BioGS 421A was the optimum one for us at 600 square feet coverage. It has performed well for 2 years now – the only maintenance has been simply washing / replacing of the filter.

The air smells fresh, and more importantly breathing is easier and uninterrupted. Even if you don’t have allergies you’ll notice the difference. Cigarette smoke, nail polish, animal odor, RabbitAir sucks it all up before you even notice (or instruct it to do so). Generally I’ll have at least a stuffy nose because of all the cats but that’s not so much the case waking up to a purified room. Using it all night is manageable since RabbitAir is an extremely energy-efficient product. Not to mention it’s pretty quiet compared to what I was expecting. It will just hum along, making more noise when it has to work / clean the air.

The HEPA filters are built with a gasket designed to prevent all air leakage. Maybe the one thing that is a hassle is you can only change things with the RabbitAir remote,  but that’s nitpicking. It is just so simple to enjoy and you only have to wash the charcoal water filter. A while back we had to pay 500$ for the RabbitAir, but Rabbit Air Purifiers currently are on sale for 200$ off on Amazon (329$ plus free shipping).

Another option that has been popular lately has been the RabbitAir 582A BioGS Purifier. It is basically the same thing as the 421A Rabbit listed above – just covers more room. You pay 399$ for almost 800 sq feet of coverage as opposed to 329$ for 600 sq feet. If you are planning on using a RabbitAir in a big room / living room, that is probably the choice.

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  • Bailey says:

    I might need a new HEPA filter. Do I have to call RabbitAir? ??

  • admin says:

    I just get the Rabbit Air BioGS HEPA Filters through Amazon. They are 45$ and you are advised to replace them anywhere from 9-18 months, depending on how much / how little work your machine is doing.

    Another variable with the HEPA Filters life cycle is how often you take care of it. If you vacuum your HEPA Filter, that will act as a good way of cleaning it and prolonging it’s life. They are pricey to have to buy so cleaning them often is your best way at avoiding that. When the time comes though, replacing the HEPA filter is simple – the one you get is just like the initial one inside.

  • Derekp says:

    I think i’ve seen this somewhere before…but I remember it used to be 400-500$ instead of 320$

  • Mynd says:

    Cool post, I’m buying. And just subscribed to your RSS

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