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Ionic Pro CA200T Compact Air Purifiers

23 Apr Posted by in purifier | Comments

Rabbit Air MinusA2 purifiers

We took a look at the RabbitAir BioGS Purifiers a bit earlier but an older purifier we were using in the cat room was the Ionic Pro CA200T Twin Pack Compact Ionic Purifier with Bonus Car Ionizers. As stated in the product description you generally find two of these purifiers together. On Amazon they are normally 200$ but are on sale for 150$ currently. That said you can find ebay purifier auctions deals for the Ionic Pro Twin Ionic Purifiers thar are under 100$ for the pack of two, a savings of over 50% from the amazon list prices.

So many smokers email in to comment about how these ionic pro purifiers outdo the cigarette smoke and make the air inside much more clean. But it is also Spring time and allergens are outside bothering the millions of people with allergies. Ionic Pro Purifiers do a great job of allowing you to have a purified environment without these hassles inside, even if you have the window open. And when you are stuck inside during the winter with the dry air and dust, you will see the improvement in breathing / air quality.

As stated above until we got a RabbitAir / BlueAir purifier combo we were using these Ionic Pro Twin Purifiers in the huge cat room. We have 5 cats so it’s important for us to have a quality air purifier that can handle the dander and smells coming from their room. It is rewarding to clean the Ionic Pro Purifiers after a few days because you can see the amount of dirt and whatnot that it picks up.

One interesting Air Purifier not mentioned here before that caught our eye is the RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA AirPurifier. It looks sleek and this used to be over 800$ listed! It is still 450$ but what a deal, the top air purifier for 350$ off? This is extremely advanced filtration and it is absurd how quiet this machine is.

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