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Grow Herbs AeroGrow AeroGarden 3 3-Pod Seed Kit

31 Jul Posted by in Herb Gardening | 4 comments

AeroGrow AeroGardens caught my eye a while back after stumbling upon them on Amazon. I knew it’d be a good gift at some point for my sister Mary. She does plenty of gardening, but the AeroGarden is sort of a treat to be able to grow herbs efficiently indoors. Especially since living in Minnesota we’re blessed with snow nearly half the year. Thus, gardening year round is possible. Of course we had to grab one ourselves to ensure it worked as well as we read it did. Sure enough, it has satisfied. The AeroGrow AeroGarden 3 with 3-Pod English Garden Flowers Seed Kit went on sale for over half off a bit ago, so we had to act. 64$ instead of 130$, plus Amazon’s free shipping (which is key for a big product like this, where you’re otherwise forking over an extra 20$ in shipping).

Very simple setup. Literally took us 10-15 minutes to check it out and have the three seed compartments ready to go with Cucumber seeds and Cherry Tomato seeds. Herbs in an AeroGarden Seed Kit grow fast. In a matter of weeks the sprouts reached 1″. You can adjust the brightness to give it even more power (making it grow a bit faster, and make the plants thicker). When you grow with AeroGrow AeroGarden 3, it is set on a default 17 hours of brightness. This can make it difficult to keep in the room you sleep in, but more manageable if you choose the black AeroGarden (which in my opinion looks better anyway).

If you would like more customization features (being able to alter lighting times, for example) or just want a bigger AeroGrow, I suggest you look into the AeroGrow AeroGarden Gourmet Herb Seed Kit. Much larger AeroGarden, and I believe it is the original AeroGrow to hit the market (sold to 400,000+ AeroGrowers!)

Most popular AeroGrow AeroGarden accessories:

AeroGarden Classic Replacement Grow Bulbs Package of 2

AeroGarden 3-Pod Seed Kit Red Cherry Tomato

AeroGarden Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

AeroGarden has many different Herb kits – Green Beans, Salad Bar Arugula, Salsa Garden, Snow Pea, Japanese Herb, International Basil, etc. Very fun to experiment with all these different herbs.

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