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Cuisinart Ice-30BC Frozen Yogurt Icecream Maker

15 Apr Posted by in ice cream maker | 3 comments

11-2009 : Fall is here and the Cuisinart Ice-30BC Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream Maker is flying out of Amazon’s store on clearance! Price is just 55$ with FREE SHIPPING, though it will go up higher towards the 150$ list price if you wait. (December 2009 Update – sure enough, this sale has ended and it is back to 79$ shipped. This is still a good deal and the price won’t be lower for a good while).

The Cuisinart Ice30bc Icecream Maker has amassed over 200 five star ratings at Amazon, underlining everything mentioned below about efficiency and taste. Give yourself a starting point with Ice cream making recipes as you buy “Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Recipe Cookbook” which comes on sale if you purchase it with the Cuisinart ice 30 bc ice cream maker.

buy cuisinart ice30bc cream sorbet maker

The weather is getting nicer and soon winter will be gone here in Minnesota!  I can also tell because more ice cream makers are being purchased on  It is a novel and efficient method to simply make your own ice cream.  On Amazon you can buy the 2 quart Cuisinart ICE-30BC for 46% off (79$ total).  For an extra few bucks you can get Ben and Jerry’s homemade ice cream book which I definitely suggest!

In general you add sugar, milk, eggs, and other ingredients like cream, fruit, cookies, whatever topical ingredients are in your recipe or custom made concoction.  A recipe book comes with the Cuisinart but the ben and jerry’s recipe book for homemade ice cream will prove much more useful to you.  Anyway, you mix the items (generally adding the cookies / fruit / toppings near the end of the cycle) and then throw the base in for custard or ice cream if you add cream.  30 minutes later you have ice cream and it is easy to clean up.  Best yet it is a fun reward / activity for young ones.

Cuisinart Ice systems like Ice-30BC are relatively quiet and when using the bowl you will want to freeze it for an extended period of time and pull it out when it is ready to go (for best results).  If it is taking too long to produce ice cream you know the bowl wasn’t frozen enough (try a day or so).  Having to the power to make professional ice cream on your countertop is a wonderful feeling in the summer!

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  • Mark says:

    It actually summers out here and ice-creams are considered essential food. Thanks for mentioning some of the ingredients that we can use to create a delicious bowl of home made ice-cream. With my family we usually prefer to it at a local ice-cream parlor but I would ponder over buying one for myself. Also would like to have Ben and Jerry’s homemade ice cream book once I have purchased the Cuisinart ice cream maker. I have read good reviews about the Cuisinart pro custom 11 too do tell me how these two products differ it at all.


  • admin says:

    Yea no doubt, this page and the other Ice Cream Makers have been getting a lot of attention now that the weather is nicer. I’ll have to scan through and do a price update around Amazon but most are all 50% off.

    Ice Cream Parlors are nice to go out and have someone else do it, but if you go often they are too expensive considering you can make your own quality home made ice cream with a 50-100$ Cuisinart maker. I do agree that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream book is a must have for recipes, if you really want to experiment.

    Cuisinart Pro Custom 11 seems to be one of the top Food Processor models for Cuisinart. 46 ratings 3.5 star average at Amazon, but over 140$ saved if you buy through Amazon (normally 300$ now 158$).

  • Angel1134 says:

    Oh the 55$ Fall sale is over..I should have bought it then! Still going to buy it now for a gift though, 79$ is still good value for a top of the line Ice Cream Maker.

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