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tv box set collection

Sale: Ally McBeal Complete Series, Calista Flockhart

Amazing 60% off sale on Ally McBeal: The Complete Series (starring Calista Flockhart). List price 199$, price for today is 78.99$ + free shipping! This deal will not last throughout the whole day, so order now to enjoy Ally McBeal in DVD quality with original music.


Sale: Tales from the Crypt Complete Seasons 1-7

Amazing deal of the day here, and one fitting for the time of the season. Tales from the Crypt Complete Seasons 1 through 7 starring John Kassir is usually listed at 266$, but the tv series box set has a discount for 185$ plus FREE SHIPPING. This complete series will keep Tales from the Crypt […]


25$ off sale “Dead Like Me”: Complete Collection

The “Dead Like Me”: Complete Collection Sale consists of a price drop from 70$ (list) to 26.99$ + FREE SHIPPING. Tremendous deal and one that like many is running out soon. Several hours to go with this sale but the quantity may be running out. 9 dicks and over 1400 minutes of “Dead Like Me” […]


NASCAR Sale Back in the Day with Dale Earnhardt Jr

Posting this sale quick because it is starting to be claimed. Season One of Back in the Day with Dale Jr. (Earnhardt), normally at 13.50$ but it is on sale for 60% off, just 5.99$!. Any fan of classic Nascar will appreciate this as it goes back to the old days in the 1960’s and […]


Insane Sale on Vampire Angel Seasons 1-5 DVD Set

Just by reading the Gold Box comments you can see that any Angel fan will attest to this being an exceptional deal. Angel Seasons 1 through 5 (Collectors Set). Normally 139$ this is now coming in at just 52$ with FREE SHIPPING! Just hit check out to see the outrageous 52$ price for this set. […]


Ghost in the Shell SAC Complete 1st Season Box Set

BIG sale 2002 Anime Series based on Mamoru Oshii’s film Ghost in the Shell. A compelling story full of cyber warfare, a potential future of sorts with technological advances. Ultimately, one of the best true science fiction shows you will ever see. Amazon has the Ghost in the Shell SAC Complete 1st Season Collection Box […]