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Calphalon Anodized 9 piece cookware

09 Apr Posted by in cookware | Comments

Calphalon 9 piece anodized cookware set

We purchased this cookware set in early 2007 and it is still holding up well.  One thing to note though is that as cooks we are just now getting used to the fact of the Calphalon Commerical Hard Anodized 9-piece Cookware Set not having non-stick capabilities.  Most people are used to Teflon cookware with non-stick characteristics like we were.  That said we are grateful since there are rumors of teflon products possibly causing a form of cancer.  What’s more is that the food tastes much better cooked from this 9 piece Calphalon set.  The non stick issues can be cured with a sufficient amount of olive oil anyway.

You do not machine wash this set; read the instructions for care.  Another factor is that Calphalon cookware distributes heat more evenly.  You learn to cook with more patience and on lower temperatures; if the temp is too high then you will be dealing with the food sticking.  If you slow cook, the food will turn out nice and tasty, and come right off.

Hand wash these and note when putting them away that the only thing that will ruin the anodized cookware is stacking them on top of each other thus rubbing together and causing problems.

The Calphalon Anodized 9piece cookware set changes in price all the time at places like Amazon.  This can be said for most cookware.  This set was running for 492$ list but has since gone all the way down to 159$.  There are some Calphalon Anodized 9 piece cookware sets for even less (auctions ending in the low 100’s$) or you can just get Calphalon cookware singularly if you need just a skillet for example.

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