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Best Espressos: Gaggia 35005 Carezza Espresso Machine

Finally quality espresso makers have become reasonable to produce and sell. For a semi-automatic Espresso Machine it is hard to beat the peripherals on the Gaggia 35005 Carezza Espresso Machine. It is about 1 / 4th the cost of the expensive espresso makers but essentially has the same interior parts, just a plastic exterior instead of metal. Your espressos and lattes from the Gaggia 35005 will be right on par with the 1000$ espresso models, it’s been that way for years with ours.

Still, we are working with a solid unit that is commercial quality chrome plated brass head and a 58mm portafilter. This is what most coffee shops have. Even your first few espresso’s will taste wonderful no matter how experienced you are at making them.

As stated above most espresso machines are upwards of a grand but the Gaggia 35005 Carezza Espresso Machines can be found for 249$ with great ratings at Amazon. Or signup for eBay, which has the same Gaggia Carezza Espresso models for 200-300$ depending on the auction and the steel Gaggia Espresso’s as well for around 400-500$.

Like any espresso, a quality burr grinder will make your espresso shots even better. You just don’t know until you have one, but when you do you will need your coffee ground well every time. They are around 80-120$ though the 5 star Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is on sale at Amazon for 89$ plus free shipping (normally 120$ burr grinders). This is a terrific grinder as it’s 5 star rating is comprised of a whopping 300 customer reviews! Look for Capresso Burr Grinders for a little cheaper on eBay but you will have to factor in shipping cost.

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