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Altec Lansing UHP606 Backbeat Pro Earphones

12 Oct Posted by in Head Phones | 4 comments

Altec Lansing has long been one of my favorite companies for hardware ever since the early 2000’s when I purchased a brilliant sound system for my computer that still works well. Anyway, a few months back my lady and I found a deal on amazon for a set of Altec Lansing UHP606 Backbeat Pro Reference Earphones. They were close to 100$ then, but moved down to 50$ so we pounced (and they happen to be  just 29$ for a few hours on Amazon today! Which is why I’m releasing this review today..) Her brother Chad wanted a pair for his birthday so we hooked him up. It’s been a few months and I asked his opinion on them.

“Great sound quality. I generally prefer the external head phones, not the in-ear ones, but these perform like ear-enclosure head phones despite being in ear. After you buy them there will be a period where you ‘break them in’, and the base then becomes more noticed as it warms up. Chances are most people take them out of the box and listen and are disappointed, but like a lot of things with life you need to exhibit patience to see how these ear phones perform once they have had a chance to break in. Just leave them on at a decent volume range for a matter of hours and return; the sound quality is likely to improve, especially the bass. For a set of ear phones, these provide tremendous comfort. Their ear cushions provide an easy, custom fit. This also provides a more locked-in sound, so that if there is noise surrounding you, you can still use the headphones without cranking the volume or without much interference. ”

Remember, the deal on the Altec Lansing UHP606 Ear Phones is a Gold Box Deal at Amazon. This means it will show you the regular price (48$) but when you hit ‘add to cart’ you get the Gold Box price for the day, which is 29$!

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